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The Ironlak Cyclone spray paint cap serves as the fattest, fast-releasing Ironlak nozzle. This nozzle enables the artist to fill large areas in seconds or create superb blending by using different techniques

The Ironlak Ghetto Blaster spray paint cap is an ultra-wide (chisel) fat cap with adjustable fan spray angles for more creative control. Making it possible to create thick or thin lines, beautiful calligraphy and other technical effects depending on the skill level of the artist

This Ironlak Sharpshooter super skinny nozzle gives the artist the highest level of control in achieving the finer details that are often necessary

The Ironlak Vegan spray paint cap is the all round outline cap. Designed to be capable of creating finer details whilst still performing as a medium sized outliner for all Ironlak aerosol products

The Ironlak Widow Maker spray paint cap comes fitted on every can of Ironlak. This nozzle enables the artist to fill large areas with ease or create sharpbold outlines along with an array of fading and flaring effects depending on the artist skill level.

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