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If you're not familiar with Albuquerque Rapid Transit or ART for short, it was a big project that involved putting bus platforms (that could later be turned into lightrail platforms) in the middle of the street. The bus would have it's own middle lane, that could also be utilized by police and emergency vehicles. This project was a big hit to our store. The city said it would tear up portions of Central Ave in 3 block increments and work its way up, so that no one would be affected longer than a few months at a time. Instead of doing this, they tore up the ENTIRE road, and it lasted 8 months. During this time there were 3 months when customers could only access the store by foot! So we made the FART sticker and it got us on the news a bunch of times. Buy one today for $1! *

*picture of KOAT weatherman Byron and shop owner Emilia not included

"We're all familiar with this logo, but what happens when you add an F in front of it?" -Byron

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