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COVID sucks right?

It's been over two months at this point and everyone seems to be starting to unravel a little bit. Financially, it's either a very hard time without work, you're an "essential (or sacrificial) worker" keeping the economy going for the rest of us, or you're just raking in government money for a few months. I like to think that for a lot of us there's some good things coming out of this time too. There's more time to reflect on what you want, where you're at in life, and where you want to be. There's time to pick up old hobbies again, start new ones, and catch up with people you care about. There's so much time! Your pets are SO happy you're home with them. You are cooking for yourself more, and maybe even eating better. You actually met your neighbors! You have time to skateboard! 

I feel like it's been a reset button to slow down, do things with more intention, relax and take care of yourself, and check in with others. It's more obvious now how great an impact you have with how and where you spend your money. You're learning how important it is to manage your finances, your relationships, your future. How to be alone with yourself.

The earth is finally able to catch it's breath! Many of us aren't driving to work anymore. There's less planes, boats, cars. I hope you're getting a chance to catch your breath too.

We're still here and don't plan on going anywhere. It's just in a way that's new to us, and we're still adapting, just like you. Product production isn't the same, availability isn't the same, interacting with you and selling to you isn't the same. Everything has changed, but change can be good.

Stay positive, we'll get through this together.

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